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Our Products

Cape Medical Plan offers three uncomplicated healthcare plans. Our plans are straightforward, flexible and designed to cater for a wide range of healthcare needs.

Our three plans

HealthPact Premium – straightforward, affordable hospital cover

Get comprehensive, unlimited cover for when you need it most – in-hospital (authorised admissions to hospital). Because there is no Medical Savings Account, you can manage your day-to-day expenses independently. HealthPact Premium is ideal for young, healthy members. Find out more about HealthPact Premium.

HealthPact Silver – hospital cover with some built-in, fixed and specified day-to-day benefits

This plan offers hospital cover and includes a Medical Savings Account for day-to-day expenses. HealthPact Silver is perfect for individuals or families needing broad, reliable medical cover. Find out more about HealthPact Silver.

HealthPact Select – comprehensive cover, with additional flexible and versatile day-to-day benefits

Enjoy comprehensive hospital cover with an enhanced out-of-hospital benefit for day-to-day expenses. This plan also includes a substantial Medical Savings Account for unforeseen medical costs. Find out more about HealthPact Select.

Changing from one plan to another

You will have an opportunity to change from one plan to another once a year. The change will take effect at the beginning of the following benefit year - on 1 January. To change plans, you will need to

  • fill in an Option/Product Renewal form
  • fax it to our Membership division at 021 930 6838 by 30 November

We post these forms to existing members at the end of October each year, so if you haven’t received yours by mid-November, please contact our Member Relations Management (MRM) division.

If you are a group or company member…

Please confirm with your Human Resources department whether you are allowed to change plans before doing so. This is especially important if your employer subsidises part or all of your monthly contribution.

Thinking of joining CMP? Get started by submitting a membership enquiry.

Get comprehensive hospital cover for unexpected events.
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Get affordable hospital cover and savings for day-to-day expenses.
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Be sure that your day-to-day expenses are adequately covered.
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