Welcome to CMP

Welcome to CMP

Since our establishment in 1961, we've embarked on a mission to offer fully comprehensive and affordable South African medical aid solutions. Here at CMP, we don't just serve individuals, families, small businesses and corporate groups – we create connections, foster trust and stand by you with unwavering support.


Our Compassionate Approach

At CMP, we're more than just a medical scheme; we're a mutual society bound by care. Our roots lie in the very hands that guide us – our members. It's a partnership that begins with their vision and is carried forward by their needs. When you're with us, you're not just a member; you're part of a community united by a common goal: ensuring each other's well-being.


Caring for You, Inside Out

Our core business revolves around one simple truth: your health matters. Unlike any other medical scheme in the country, we proudly run our operations in-house. It's a direct connection, a direct commitment to you. Every detail and every decision is made with your best interests at heart.


Building Trust, One Relationship at a Time

We're not just administrators; we're advocates for your health. Our dedicated team walks this path with you, eliminating the layers that often come between you and your care.


Nurturing Financial Resilience

Your trust in us goes beyond health - it extends to your financial peace of mind. Our high solvency ratio isn't just a number; it's a promise that we're financially strong, so we can deliver on our commitments. Thanks to our careful growth and dedication, we stand strong, ensuring that claims are settled promptly, within two weeks, as a testament to our reliability.

From Our Chairman

For nearly two decades now, my family and I have had the privilege of being members of CMP. I want to take a moment to express how deeply we have felt the warmth and personal touch that the CMP staff consistently extends to our members. It's during those crucial times when our family has needed healthcare support that we've truly appreciated the compassion that radiates from this community. Having served on the Board of Trustees for many years, I can confidently say that this same caring attitude permeates every decision we make. We wholeheartedly prioritise the well-being of our members and this guiding principle is at the core of our mission. You, our members, are at the heart of everything we do. Your health, your well-being and your trust are our most cherished assets. As we journey forward together, please know that you are not just part of a medical aid scheme – you are part of our extended family.

Robert Surgison

Meet The Team Behind CMP

employee-Charlene Schoeman

Charlene Schoeman

Principal Officer

employee-Melanie Beppo

Melanie Beppo

Operations Manager

employee-Wasiela Shaik

Wasiela Shaik

Financial Manager

employee-Paola Brandt

Paola Brandt

Case Manager

employee-Tania de Kock

Tania de Kock

IT Manager

employee-Felix Luyt

Felix Luyt

Group Relations & Sales Consultant

At CMP, care is not just a concept but a reality nurtured by every interaction with our dedicated team of professionals.