MyHealth 100 Saver Medical Aid Plan

Your Personalised Path to Affordable Care

Designed to align seamlessly with your budget and health requirements, this tailored medical aid plan brings forth a serendipitous combination. Going beyond the boundaries of mere hospital coverage, MyHealth 100 Saver embraces a comprehensive outlook that envelopes your daily wellness pursuits. Opting for MyHealth 100 Saver offers you more than dependable hospital coverage – it provides you with a Medical Savings Account (MSA) to cater to your routine expenses. In addition to these medical aid benefits, the plan is thoughtfully structured to stand by you not only during significant moments but also in everyday expenses. Recognising the significance of minor health-related necessities in life, these medical aid benefits form a comprehensive support system for your well-being.


Affordable Hospital Cover

MyHealth 100 Saver offers affordable coverage for hospital-related expenses, ensuring financial protection during medical emergencies that require hospitalisation.


Medical Savings Account (MSA) for Day-to-Day Expenses

Alongside the hospital cover, MyHealth 100 Saver includes a dedicated Medical Savings Account (MSA) designed to address day-to-day health expenses, providing a separate fund for routine medical needs.


Fixed and Specified Day-to-Day Benefits

MyHealth 100 Saver extends its benefits by incorporating a range of fixed and specified day-to-day benefits. These benefits are designed to cover specific medical needs beyond hospitalisation.

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Unlimited in-hospital cover

Unlimited Authorised admission to hospital at 100% of the CMP tariff.

Out-of-hospital cover

Up to two GP visits per beneficiary per year, at 100% of the CMP tariff, thereafter payable from MSA – except for PMBs.


100% of the CMP tariff (only medically necessary caesareans are covered) – except for PMBs.

Radiologist procedures

100% of the CMP tariff, limited to R14,732 per beneficiary per year, with a co-payment of R1,500 per event (on all procedures). Thereafter payable from MSA – except for PMBs.

Prescribed medication

100% of the cost, to a maximum of SEP, plus the agreed Preferred Provider dispensing fee.

For a summary of the pricing structure, we've factored in the option to include your eligible dependents in addition to the principal member.



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Secure your family's well-being with affordable hospital cover and everyday savings.