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 Our physical office will be closed for the duration of the lockdown. You may contact us on the following
 telephone numbers, WhatsApp numbers and email addresses.

 Please email claims to us at and do not drop them off in the box at the office.

Telephone numbers:

 021 937 8300 - Switchboard
 021 937 8494 - Sales, COVID-19 and vaccine info

WhatsApp message only – no WhatsApp calls or direct calls

 082 504 7686 - Chronic medicine queries
 072 141 2498 - General queries
 076 637 7019 - Membership queries

Email: - Authorisations and Case management queries - General Customer Care queries - Chronic medicine queries and new scripts - Membership and Contribution queries - General queries - Principal Officer - COVID-19 Vaccine queries and information - Sales and COVID-19 info

Emergency authorisations:

 0860 227 363

Living with diabetes
21 February 2020

Diabetes Management
07 February 2020

NHI – what does it all mean?
01 November 2019
I wish to thank and commend you for the efficient and heartfelt manner in which you dealt with my wife's recent terminal cancer case. For Sister Paola, and all the ladies in Customer Care, nothing was too much trouble.

Medical aid can be complicated

We wish we could tell you otherwise, but it’s true: the healthcare industry in South Africa is a complex, highly regulated environment, full of challenges, risks and conflicting priorities.

We can’t change that. What we can do, however, is make sure that our members have effective medical cover, and all the information they need to make informed healthcare choices at every stage of their lives.

At Cape Medical Plan, we keep our products as easy to understand as possible, provide up-to-date information about the healthcare industry, and offer our members a compassionate, human voice when they need it most.

Thinking of joining CMP? Get started by submitting a membership enquiry.

Get comprehensive hospital cover for unexpected events.
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Get affordable hospital cover and savings for day-to-day expenses.
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Be sure that your day-to-day expenses are adequately covered.
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