MyHealth 200 Medical Aid Plan

    Your Family's Well-Being Comes First

    A medical aid plan tailored to your family's needs ensures a positive and smooth experience. From all-encompassing and affordable coverage during pivotal moments such as hospitalisations to the ongoing management of your everyday health expenditures, MyHealth 200 stands as a steadfast source of reassurance and assistance throughout your health journey. Setting us apart from plans solely focused on hospital care, we include additional medical aid benefits, solidifying our commitment to your well-being.


    Comprehensive Coverage & Preventative Care

    MyHealth 200 offers comprehensive coverage for significant events or emergencies that necessitate hospitalisation. This plan also includes preventative benefits.


    Flexible Medical Aid

    MyHealth 200 is geared towards families and young professionals who are comfortable funding day-to-day expenses but also want the best possible in-hospital cover to meet their unique needs.


    Non-Hospital Benefits Available

    MyHealth 200 also offers non-hospital benefits. These benefits might include coverage for medical services, treatments or medications that don't require hospitalisation.

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    Safeguard your family with comprehensive medical coverage for life's unexpected twists and turns.