MyHealth 200 Plus Medical Aid Plan

Your Health, Your Way

Designed for those in search of an ideal balance, MyHealth 200 Plus provides medical aid benefits that cater to your preferences and priorities. You're prepared to invest in this tailor-made flexibility, and we're here to present you with an all-encompassing medical aid plan. With in-and-out-of-hospital coverage, our offering ensures that you access premier care and top-tier facilities whenever the situation calls for it. Bundling together a suite of features tailored to your needs, this plan's cornerstone is its robust hospital cover. Yet, beyond this foundation, you'll also reap the benefits of a dedicated Medical Savings Account (MSA) to manage your everyday expenses.


Exceptional In-and-Out-of-Hospital Cover

MyHealth 200 Plus offers outstanding coverage that spans both in-hospital and out-of-hospital scenarios. This ensures access to premium care and top-notch facilities whenever required, reflecting a comprehensive approach to healthcare.


Medical Savings Account (MSA) and Versatile Pool of Funding

Included in MyHealth 200 Plus is a dedicated Medical Savings Account (MSA) catering to day-to-day expenses. Additionally, there's a flexible pool of funding specifically designated to address diverse supplementary day-to-day requirements.


Flexible Additional Day-to-Day Benefits

MyHealth 200 presents adaptable and versatile additional day-to-day benefits. These benefits are not specified, providing you with the freedom to decide how to utilise the pool of funds for various medical consultations, treatments or procedures.

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Unlimited in-hospital cover

Unlimited Authorised admission to hospital at 200% of the CMP tariff.

Out-of-hospital cover

200% of the CMP tariff, payable from MSA, thereafter from day-to-day pool – except for PMBs.


200% of the CMP tariff, with cover for elective caesareans – except for PMBs.

Radiologist procedures

100% of the CMP tariff, limited to R14,732 per beneficiary per year, with a co-payment of R1,500 per event (on all procedures). Thereafter payable from MSA, and then from day-to-day pool – except for PMBs.

Prescribed medication

100% of the cost, to a maximum of SEP, plus the agreed Preferred Provider dispensing fee.

For a summary of the pricing structure, we've factored in the option to include your eligible dependents in addition to the principal member.



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Per Month



Rest easy knowing your everyday medical expenses are truly taken care of.